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School Visits and Farm Club

Through formal school visits and informal activities, such as Farm Club, Sidings Farm is able to help children and young people learn about food production.  It provides a unique location and can ensure a safe environment where children (and adults) can learn about animals and their care in a fun and participative way.  

Based on the FACE principles at Sidings Farm we aim to:

A member of Farm Club helps collect sheep fleeces

To Visit Farm Club Click Here

School Visits and The Curriculum

Key Stage 1 and 2

We will tailor your visit to your topic, but will always give children a fun, stimulating and exciting experience of a modern, working smallholding and a memorable day outside in lovely Cambridgeshire countryside. Each visit is unique so content will vary slightly depending on the season, topic and stock availability but will always include a tour around the working farm, which should allow close and safe access to cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, duck, Guinea Fowl and pigs, also farm machinery and some crops in or around the polytunnel.  Visitors will be encouraged to feed and pet animals and, where possible, harvest crops.

The focus is to make the connection between what we eat with production on the farm and a farm visit can link with most aspects of the curriculum including geography and environment, PSHE and citizenship, science – life cycles, habitats, care of living things, history, English, maths and art and design.  Topics such as sustainable energy are easily approached as the smallholding generates its own power and is surrounded by other renewable energy products.

Key Stage 3+

Our education centre allows up to 35 students access to a fully equipped classroom where we regularly host visits from Maths, Physics, History, Geography Art students, who can see a working farm at first hand, look at crops and machinery, do a crop rotation exercise, discuss how weather and climate changes will affect our farming and food supply, look at the advent of farm machinery, trace the diversification of land and building use, study electrical currents or simply study animal development and growth.

Animal husbandry can be seen and the merits of free range versus intensive agriculture argued, with a greater understanding of the realities and using real examples. The economics of farming and the types and reasons for farm diversification are also discussion points and neighbouring farms include golf courses, fishing lakes, camping grounds, restaurants, cafes and bowling alleys.

Self Guided Visits

All Ages

The set-up and size of Sidings Farm lends itself well to self guided visits where school staff want to take the lead in teaching and instruction.  The fields allow for open air teaching; the two large barns give overhead shelter in times of inclement weather and the fully equipped classroom allows for formal teaching.

All visits

It is essential that teachers make a pre-visit if they have not been before, when risk assessment can be carried out and the visit content and potential for follow up work can be discussed. We take Health and Safety very seriously and can offer schools our own site risk assessment to assist in formulating their own. There are some non contact areas of the farm, and other places where controlled contact with animals can take place close to hand washing facilities to reduce the risks from E-coli 0157 and other animal related micro organisms.

For more details or to arrange your visit please Contact Us here

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